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Ready to Finally Start Freelance Writing?

Take a look behind the scenes of Freelance to 5K

Are you finally ready to learn how to start your freelance writing business?

If you're looking to break into freelance writing and make money from your passion, you're in the right place.

Maybe you're a blogger who isn't making enough money and needs more monthly income.

Maybe you're a parent who wants to make a few thousand dollars while working at home.

Or maybe you're someone who is stuck in a corporate 9-5 job you hate and looking for a way out.

The fact is, freelance writing is needed in today's world now more than ever!


Because businesses are understanding the importance of having quality website content.

But not every business owner is also good at writing.

That's where you and your skills come in.

Not to mention, there are nearly endless blogs and websites that are constantly hiring new writers.

How do I know?

Because I've been successfully freelance writing since 2017.

In fact, in 12 months I was able to 10X my writing income while only working part-time.

It's been my #1 consistent stream of income and allowed me to NOT go back to the corporate, 9-5 life.

But it didn't start out that way.

In fact, it was the exact opposite.

Back in May of 2017, I quit my six-figure job at Yelp working as a national sales rep.

I was officially over the cubicle life and fascinated with digital entrepreneurship.

I had been blogging (unsuccessfully) for about a year but was determined to work at home and become my own boss.

Luckily, I had been saving money and was ready to bet on myself.

Finally, the day came...April 29th, 2017 I gave my two week notice.

Friends, family, and co-workers thought I was nuts for leaving a "safe & secure" corporate job.

But I knew I had to do it.

It was quite a risk but one that I was willing to take.

When I quit my six-figure job, I had made a whopping $200 from blogging.

And I had never made a dime from freelance writing.

But I kept reading income reports and seeing other people make money online so I figured, how hard could it be?

Fast forward to six months later and reality set in.

I was racking up credit card debt, burning through savings, and getting depressed at my lack of progress.

My initial goal was to make money blogging.

The only problem is that I had very little traffic, didn't know how to get content to rank on Google, didn't understand webinars, online courses or affiliate marketing.

At this point, it felt like everything in my life was failing... I hit rock bottom.

I had left the "safe" corporate world to pursue my dreams and was failing miserably.

I knew that if something didn't change, my "business" would never last.

So I decided to give freelance writing a shot.

Not just applying to a few job boards here and there but actually going all in.

I figured...Why not, what did I have to lose?

...At that time, I was doing any and everything to make a few bucks.

From selling stuff on Craigslist, surveys, blogging, dog walking and even flea market flipping.

But like blogging, when I first went all in on trying to understand freelance writing, I was overwhelmed.

I was thinking to myself...

  • How much money can I make writing?
  • Do people actually pay freelance writers?
  • Are job boards really as awful as people say?
  • Where do I land my first freelance writing gig?
  • How do I build a portfolio and actually pitch clients?
  • Do I need to advertise or post a lot of content on social media?

And about 100 other questions that you've probably also had.

So I ended up watching endless Youtube videos, buying a few courses, and reading endless blog posts.

The information seemed to be endless and some of it was very outdated and irrelevant.

But I was determined to make this part of my business work.

After thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, I "kind of" knew what I was doing.

But once I got my first paying client from cold pitching, I realized it was possible.

Even if it was just a few hundred dollars, it helped me get over the fears.

It helped me eliminate some of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

I figured, if I can get one person to say yes, why not a second, third, and fourth.

Each month, my revenue continued to grow, almost like clock work...month after month.

I began to understand how to land clients, what to say in pitches, and how to raise my rates.

Eventually, clients even started reaching out to me with my freelance writing website and optimized social media profiles.

The best part was that I still had time to work on my blog and pursue my other dream of professional golf (that's an entirely different story).

That's when I realized, freelance writing doesn't have to be a full-time gig but it can be if you want.

I'm at the point now where I get to choose clients I work with instead of hope and pray with job boards.

I've more than tripled my rate since beginning and have started working with awesome clients.

Income aside, I've also gotten to meet some amazing entrepreneurs and make lifelong connections.

I've ghostwritten for millionaires, best-selling authors, and other high level entrepreneurs.

Plus, I'm the top writer at Fearless Motivation (millions of readers each month) and been featured in Lifehack, Rockstar Finance, Early to Rise, Goalcast, and other top publications.

I still can't believe I'm able to make a full-time income writing content I love. Here's a few screenshots from a couple of my favorite gigs:

So how did I start making real money as a freelance content writer and start making a full-time income?

I'm going to be VERY honest... there isn't one hack.

It wasn't one email template, one job board pitch or epic copy on my freelance writing website.

It was showing up, day in and day out.

It was putting in the work and not giving up.

Success ultimately came from failing.

Failing to get jobs.

Failing to keep clients.

Failing to know how to invoice and actually get paid.

It was all part of the learning process.

While I wish I could have avoided some of the pain, I can't change the past.

But I can help you avoid all the mistakes I made.

There's no need for you to watch endless Youtube videos and read hundreds of blogs posts anymore.

If you're serious about taking your passion for writing into a real and scalable business, I've created the step-by-step solution...Freelance to $5K.

Course Outline

This is a step-by-step course to help you launch your own freelance writing business. We'll cover everything from creating a freelance website, building a portfolio, mastering social media, pitching clients, negotiating rates, and how to scale your writing business.

Here's an overview of Freelance to $5K

Module I: Introduction to Freelance to $5K

  • Discover how I went from broke blogger to full-time writer
  • Learn how to take the course and set yourself up for success

Module II: Freelance Writing 101

  • Learn how to set & achieve freelance writing goals
  • Read how to pick a profitable freelance writing niche
  • Discover why you need to develop an entrepreneur mindset
  • Structure your writing business like a world-class entrepreneur

Module III: Freelance Writing Website + Social Media Branding

  • Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for success
  • Discover how a personal brand can make you a wealthy writer
  • Find the best plugins that make creating a writing website easy
  • Watch how to avoid the most common writing website mistakes
  • Learn how to build a writing website that attracts your ideal clients

Module IV: How to Find Clients and Earn Recurring Revenue

  • Discover how to earn recurring income from bloggers
  • Learn how to get over your fear of cold emailing clients
  • Figure out how to actually land gigs from crowded job boards
  • Read the 7 proven models to price your freelance writing services
  • Learn where to find your first client even if you don't have experience

Module V: Editing, Invoicing, and Getting Paid as a Writer

  • Learn how to easily self-edit your content quickly
  • Discover how taxes and accounting work as a freelance writer
  • Use my freelance writing agreement for high-paying retainer clients
  • Hear how I invoice clients and make sure I always get paid promptly

Module VI: Expert Freelance Writing Strategies to Scale Your Business

  • Discover how to create epic headlines easily
  • Learn how to keep editors happy and never lose a client
  • Figure out how to easily ask for referrals and leverage existing clients
  • Hear how I grew my writing business 10X in 12 months working part-time
  • Learn about SEO and how to help clients rank on the first page of Google

BONUS Modules

  • Schedule a 1:1 pitch review with me (Deluxe)
  • Get access to my three advanced writing checklists
  • Discover how to easily get your first book published
  • Understand how to write copy and expand your writing services
  • Learn 5 other ways to make an extra $1,000 a month without content writing
  • Access to the private Facebook group with more exclusive live training videos
"Freelance to 5K is completely comprehensive, leaving nothing to figure out on your own. From how to approach your business, set up your website, and write effective SEO drive content...Michael touches on it!
I've had a coaching call with Michael as well and his passion is for you to experience the success he has and better. It comes across in all of his content, including this course!"
- Brianna W. (Freelance Writer and Blogger)
"Michael does an incredible job of giving you not just theory of how to make money as a freelance writer, like many courses cover, but he includes TONS of actionable steps, that really break it down into a plan that anyone can follow to find success in this arena.

I truly believe this course is a must not just for those looking to get started with freelance writing, but for anyone that runs a blog, company website, online marketing business, or does any sort of work within the online world!

Even outside of freelance writing, I’m excited to take many of his bits of advice and action steps to apply to my own blog, and see the results follow!"

- Roxanne L (Founder/Owner, For Another Time)

Course Curriculum

Learn Why Freelance to 5K Is EVERYTHING You Need to Launch Your Business

Who is Freelance to 5K good for?

Someone who...

  • Takes action
  • Willing to learn new skills
  • Isn't afraid of trying new strategies to create a better life
  • Wants to build an online freelance content writing business
  • Wants to create a second income stream or become a digital entrepreneur

Who is this course not good for?

Someone who ...

  • Fears rejection
  • Looking for passive income
  • Thinks that success is overnight
  • Isn't willing to invest in themselves
  • Trying to write a book or focus on creative writing
“Mike is on a mission to help others get their writing careers off the ground. Going through the exercises of identifying what content I can write about that can help others was really powerful. Being able to escape my 9-5 and help others by providing content is the dream. Mike’s course can help you get there.”

- Brandon L.

"As someone who writes and at some point, likes to make money off of that writing, I was looking for information on how to do better at my writing and skills that need to be accompanied by that.

I got the opportunity to take this course and I am really grateful to have done it. It did not disappoint. I got some really insightful information and practical nuggets of wisdom to use in my writing but also to show off my writing in the right way.

Taking the course also motivated me to just keep going and do better. I highly recommend any writer to take this course."

- Aisah V. (Creator of www.koekjesvanthuis.com)

We Know You Like Bonuses...

Bonus #1: Advanced Writer Checklists

The first one is the "Perfect Pitch" checklist.

It will ensure you don't miss anything

when cold pitching job boards and sending cold emails.

The second checklist is all about creating the perfect blog post.

Once you land clients, you want to do everything you can to keep them. Remember, you don't

get paid to hunt for new clients. Use this checklist to ensure you submit your work with

the highest quality.

The final checklist is all about SEO.

Clients love when their content as it ranks high on

Google.If you can get clients work to rank high, you're going to retain clients and

grow yourreputation as a highly dependable freelance writer.

Bonus #2: Self-Publishing Secrets

While writing for clients is great, sometimes you want to create work you are passionate about

as well. So many writers "think" about publishing a book but never actually pull the trigger.

In this training, I'll show you how to go from idea to self-publishing in no time. I've published

three books using Amazon and KDP so I want to help you do the same. Being a published

author can help you land gigs, grow your authority, and help you earn more money. I'll

show you how to keep it simple and make you an author quickly & cheaply.

Bonus #3: 5 Ways to an Extra $1K Writing

There are so many ways to monetize your writing skills other than just content

writing for clients. In this lesson, I'll show you 5 other ways to monetize your skills

as a writer. Some of these methods have helped me earn more than $1K or more

each month!

Bonus #4: Private Facebook Group

In my entrepreneurial journey I've found that connecting with like minded people

is vital to crushing your income goals. As Jim Rohn said, "Your network is your net worth."

But only for income, having a community of writers can help you stay up to date, share

wins, and learn from each other. Plus, I'll also be sharing exclusive content, live streams,

and other lessons as I continue to grow my writing business.

Bonus #5: Pitch Review & Strategy Call

If you enroll in the deluxe or premium version of the course, I will also offer additional

services to help you launch you writing business. With the deluxe version, you'll receive email

support to give feedback on your pitches and recommendations to improve. Plus, depending

onyour package you will receive 1:1 Zoom or phone call (your choice). I'll help you overcome

roadblocks, eliminate limiting beliefs, and scale your income as a writer.

"The "Freelance to 5K" Course is an amazing course! It was truly a complete step-by-step system that takes you from knowing nothing to fully understanding and having all of the important tools that you need to make your freelancing a full-time career.

I was already a freelancer before taking the course and still I learned so much that helped me scale even further! Michael takes the time to fully explain details in a way that is easily understandable, even for beginners.

If you're thinking of taking the leap to freelance full-time, this is the course to take!"

- Gina Z. (Creator of The Frugal Convert)

I’m blown away by Michael’s course. I run a blog and have been thinking about trying to get some freelance writing projects to increase my income, so Michael’s course came along at the perfect time. I had the obvious questions about how to get started with freelance writing (finding clients, setting rates) and he answered all of them.

But he also taught me about a TON of things I would have never thought to ask, such as goal setting, SEO, project organization, success routines, and how to make myself stand out so I can land more gigs. I’m not a beginner writer or business owner, but this course still delivered tremendous value beyond just how to get started with freelance writing.

The course is comprehensive but is no-fluff. I highly recommend it as the go-to resource to kickstart your freelance writing career if you’re starting from scratch or to grow your existing business into full-time income.

- Steph G, Financial Freedom Crew

Who's teaching this course???

Hi, I'm Michael Leonard (and that's Lori & Munchie).

I'm a freelance Copywriter & Creator of Inspire Your Success

Hey future writer, thanks for being here.

My name is Michael Leonard and I started blogging & writing in 2016.

I hated the 9-5 world and thought I'd start a blog to help people with finances.

This lead to publishing my first book, Advice for My Younger Self, and

understanding the power of digital marketing. Once I started to learn about monetizing a blog,

I decided to leave my 6-figure corporate job for digital entrepreneurship.

While it was a risk, I was determined to help people & ditch the cubicle life.

But I quickly found out that monetizing a blog took some time and skills I didn't yet have.

Thankfully, freelance writing was my savior.

After lots of trial and error, I scaled a writing business with hardly any experience.

I was able to go from $0 to $5,000/mo in roughly 5 months only working part-time.

I'm now a 3X published author, top contributor to Fearless Motivation, and

been published on sites like Success, Lifehacker, Goalcast, and other top publications.

I've also ghostwritten for millionaire CEO's, best selling authors, and top entrepreneurs.

I'm still a full-time copy and content writer so I'll constantly share new stuff as well.

I'm also very focused on my brand, Inspire Your Success (Blog + Podcast).

My goal is to help as many people build online business using the habits of successful entrepreneurs. If I can do it, you can too!

I'm incredibly grateful to help people like you earn money outside of the 9-5 world because thanks to the internet, it's more possible than ever before.

While it takes some work initially, freelance writing is a great way to earn extra

money, help others and create a fully remote business.

Here's to helping you build your writing business together!

- Michael Leonard

Justine S. LOVED Freelance to 5K...

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The sooner you get through all the modules and lessons, the sooner you will have all the skills to launch a successful freelance writing business!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy and think you will love the course! But if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us in the first 30 days of your initial purchase date and we will give you a full refund.
What level of experience do I need?
Freelance to $5K was built to help brand new and beginner-intermediate freelance writers. Whether you've never written a post before or already have a few clients, this course will help you. If you're already making $5,000+ per month in recurring freelance writing income, this course isn't the right fit.
Are there different pricing options?
Yes! We want to make sure you're able to get enrolled and not let a temporary money situation hold you back. There are different payment options for each membership. Learn about each option below.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Plus, you'll get access to all the new resources, lessons, and bonus videos at no additional costs in the future.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes and we would love to have you help promote this awesome course to others. Please email [email protected] with the subject line "Affiliate" and we'll be sure to respond with affiliate details.

Don't forget, with the standard plan, there is a 30-day, money back guarantee!

If you aren't fully satisfied, shoot me an email within 30 days of purchase.

I'm that confident that this course will give you the tools & mindset for success.

Remember, if you land just one or two gigs, this course will pay for itself.

Click Enroll before the price goes up soon!

Get started now!

"I appreciate how Michael provided his personal examples of websites and social media sites as well as secrets/tips that may have taken me a long time to figure out by myself. He is inspiring yet realistic. He sets high goals for himself and encourages the viewers to set goals and daily routines to get work done. The format is helpful as you can skip around if you want and do it all at your own pace. It has video and step by step guides - it's not just newsletter or book. Thanks for such an awesome resource!"

- Doreen Lund

I started my blog back in September of 2018 and wasn’t seeing much profit from it so I sought out other ways to supplement my income. When I discovered the world of freelance writing, I instantly felt it was a great way for me to utilize my skills, but I had no idea where to start.

Freelance to 5K has answered all of my questions and has given me so much motivation and preparation for freelancing. It has done pretty much everything except hand me an actual client.

Michael could have been a motivational speaker in a past life because you truly feel like he cares about your success. By the time I was halfway through the course, I had sent out about 20 cold pitch emails, and when I finished the course I sent out about 3 times that many.

This course is not only motivating but thorough too. He covers SEO, what free tools to use to make sure you have the best headlines and error-free content, where to find clients and how to set your rates. He shows emails and templates to help you out and how to get a good looking website up and running so you look like a pro.

I highly recommend this course to anyone on the fence about freelance writing or not knowing where to start!

- Nicole D.